The generous girl stopped and rescued the puppy regardless of the pouring rain 

The girl rescued the puppy and welcomed him into their family

Last week a woman named Mayane Rodrigues noticed an incredible thing from her window in Brazil. There was heavy rain outside.

A woman noticed a small girl stopping on the rainy sidewalk while coming back home from school. At first, she put down her umbrella, then removed her backpack and also her coat.

And after that Rodrigues noticed a wet homeless small dog at the girl’s feet and understood it was all done for her.

Rodrigues noticed that the girl took the dog into her hands and carried it on her way. She was a true angel for Rodrigues.

She was named Cibely Stiegelmair and that day she rescued a life.

Her mother also told, that she was surprised when the girl went home with a dog and she was absolutely wet. There was blood on her shirt and the mother considered she was hurt, but she told, that she discovered the puppy was hurt.

Happily, the young puppy turned out not to be badly hurt. And everything could be healed with the help of love.

Seeing the puppy alone she considered she must offer her help.

The girl’s mother told, that her daughter has a big heart. She feels sorry for homeless puppies and wanted to bring them all home.

The dog was named Pretinha and the family happily adopted him into their family.

Thanks to the girl the dog was rescued.

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