The fateful meeting, that turned out to be the greatest blessing of the kitten’s life

The lucky kitty was fortunately discovered in the grass 

Calico cats are said to bring good luck to those, who own them, but sometimes they can’t consider their life fortune.

The poor little kitten was discovered on a road along the forest. The kitty was wet, exhausted lying in the grass. The road was a very busy one, where cars often go at high speed. The kitty was so small, that it was hard to notice her among the tall grass.

Happily, a girl found her, when she noticed some highlights in the grass. And the kitty looked as if she also noticed her. But the kitty was very weak to approach and she couldn’t make the easiest sound.

The girl immediately understood something happened. She had one of her front legs hurt. So it may be the reason for her abandonment.

The poor kitty was left all alone by the roadside, but no one cared.

This time the kitten didn’t bring luck to someone, but instead, a girl herself brought luck to the cat. The fateful meeting has become the greatest blessing of her life.

The kind girl took her to her home and provided her the needed treatment. And it turned out, that the kitty’s front legs were broken and an operation was performed. And 2-hour operation was done.

Now the weak kitty has a new life and also a new name. She was named Marusya. She appeared to be very lucky and recovered quickly. Her leg was completely healed and no other surgery was needed. And finally, she received the needed happiness.

The kitty appeared to meet the kindest adoptive mother.

What a happiness to see the kitten’s sweet life journey.

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