The abandoned puppy thought he was alone until he had an adorable visitor  

Loneliness is the worst thing ever!

Like people, animals also need true friends who will stay by their side during difficult periods of their lives. This sweet puppy desired it, too, and luckily he got what he dreamed of.

After being left by his owners, he thought that he was all alone in this big world, but one day he was comforted by a little catty.

His owners had to leave him when they moved out. The poor animal wandered on the streets around his previous house in hope of seeing his owners again.

The neighbors fed him from time to time and one day they noticed something touching. A stray kitten was hugging the doggie as he understood his pain and wanted to comfort him.

The dog is very sociable and friendly and never escapes from building new companions, and this case wasn’t an exception.

At first, the neighbors made two small houses for the animals, but then decided to take them to a shelter, thinking that it would be better for them.

They got all the appropriate medical examination and continued to live together at the shelter. Now this duo enjoys each other’s company and adores being together all day long.

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