„She looks like a teenager“, photo’s of Monica Belucci raised a wave of discussions

Tap five if you also prefer this amazing woman’s style.

A 57 years old actress, miss and idol of more than half of the Earth rejects all kind of injections and plastic surgery.

Her way of make up and dressing up ars admire all the women.

Unfortunately she prefers quite life and her pages on social media are updates not as often as we all want.

Leaving back more than dozens of films and super model’s experience, Monica is also a mother of two precious and too beautiful girls.

Fashion and glamorous lady looks like perfect in any case. It is inexplicable how she can looks like gorgeous and trendy in every ceremony, no matter it’s autumn or summer. Her way of speaking, her manner of walking, even her ordinary smile are captivate everyone.

Write below, in comment section, what do you think about this beauty? Which new photo do you like the most?

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