One of the rescued kittens of the shelter takes care of its other animals

An example, that we all have a lot of love to give without receiving it back 

This story’s hero is a cold and tough-looking cat named Rademenesa. He became a real nurse in the shelter, where he lived.

He was found and rescued when he was two months old. At the shelter he was examined and it became clear, that he had a respiratory infection and it was very dangerous for his life. And something miraculous happened to him and he considered becoming a nurse. He recovered from his illness quickly.

Rademenesa was almost adopted before becoming a nurse at the shelter. And he understood he must do something. So he considered becoming a nurse at the shelter and looking after all the animals there.

There’s a reason, how does a saved cat have so much affection?

Rademenesa is a very loving and caring animal, he always watched sick animals and took care of them. He even watched them at night. You can often see him comforting other animals by licking their fur or meowing gently.

Many animals recovered and were adopted thanks to Rademenesa. He assisted the vets a lot in saving other animals at the shelter. And he also motivates other workers of the shelter to save even more animals.

Rademenesa proved, that we all have a lot of love to give without receiving it back.

We should thank the caring kitty for the meaningful action. We hope he will carry on his work as a nurse at the shelter.

Cats are very sensitive and can easily feel pain.

This is such a touching story.

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