Once neglected and helpless dogs now can’t stop wagging their tails with happiness  

Better days are definitely ahead for them

These adorable canines had a very difficult life and suffered a lot, but everything was not so bad for them, as they were saved by kindhearted people.

Their names are Bridget and Louie. They were abandoned by their owners at a shelter, but the reason is unknown. Luckily, the staff welcomed them with happiness and provided them with everything they needed.

It was obvious how strongly this duo was connected, as they didn’t leave each other’s side.

Louie got several injuries because of a necklace around his neck.

As for Bridget, he had a big problem connected to his teeth. Most of them were in terrible condition.

Fortunately, they were adopted fast and moved to their new house.

They were overjoyed to arrive at their new home. They didn’t stop wagging their tails with happiness.

Now they enjoy spending their time in the yard with their new siblings.

They get along well with everybody.

Now they are safe and protected.

We are sure that this couple will have better and happier days next to their loving and caring owner.

They continue to be together all day long, and their bond is becoming stronger day by day.

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