Meet Zorro and Bandit: The Famous Father-Son Cat Duo with Unique Facial Features

Dad’s copy!

Zorro, the father cat, and Bandit, his little kitten, are quite well-known throughout the world due to their impressive appearance.

Although they are not the only pets of the family, they are unique thanks to their facial features.

It seems that these sweeties are wearing masks, but in fact it is just their fur color. However they have already become famous both in real life and on social media.

The father cat’s true name is Boy. Only one of the kittens looks like him and it’s really wonderful.

Their nicknames are much more fantastic than real ones, and everyone knows them by their nicknames.

There’s no doubt that they would become everyone’s favorite, because they have really astonishing appearance.

They even have an Instagram account with a great number of followers, who enjoy watching their fascinating photos and videos.

No one can get bored while looking at them.

What do you think about these sweeties?

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