Many think that the dog and turtle connection is impossible, but here is the best proof  

Their love is very sincere 

It’s not a secret that animals can be more loyal and devoted than people. Even they can get along well with other species, and our today’s story is the best proof of it.

When animals get love and care from others, they give it back and devote their whole lives to them. There are many cases when animals have created strong friendships with completely different ones. It can seem strange for people, but in fact, it has happened.

They are a great example for many people because their love is really sincere.

When the story of these adorable puppies and an orphaned turtle was shared on social media, it excited thousands of people from all over the world.

This cute turtle was found by a kind man and taken to his house, where he got much love and care.

The man who decided to take care of the turtle had other pets at home, so he was worried about their relationship.

But later he understood that there’s nothing to worry about, because the sweet canines welcomed their new family member with happiness and something unique arose between them.

It’s not surprising because dogs are friendly and sociable creatures. They can have a good relationship with almost everyone. And this case is not an exception.

Their bond was becoming stronger day by day and after a short time they became inseparable friends.

Although the puppies became big, their attitude towards their little friend never changed.

This happened in 2011, and now the turtle stays at a shelter where he is surrounded by other friendly animals. He enjoys his life with them.

As for the dogs, they are now real beauties.

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