Man stood face to face with a huge wild tiger, but the animal came there for a request  

Even wild animals sometimes need human help 

It’s not an ordinary day for this kindhearted man, because he came across a wild tiger near his house.

When he heard a strange noise, he didn’t imagine that it could be a tiger, however, he went out to see what it was.

When he stood face to face with this giant animal, he was confused and frightened. He didn’t know what to do until the animal approached him calmly.

The man saw that the tiger was tied up and needed help. So he hurried to save the life of the poor animal.

The tiger was quiet during the rescue process. The man removed the noose and cured the wound.

When he finished his work, the tiger calmly left.

Thanks to his man’s kindness, the helpless animal got a second chance at life.

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