“Like 2 drops like her father”. Tom Cruise’s only daughter appears on the NET

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s romance was at the top of the gossip for a long time.

This beloved and talented couple has a daughter and named her Suri.

They decided to take her away from the spotlight and glamorous starring life.

Parents appreciated her childhood and all the memories which were possible to collect, far away from cameras and paparazzi.

But when they got divorced in 2014, Suri became more popular. Everybody wanted to see her. Cause the only daughter of the legendary actor has no relationship with him. The main reason is still staying secret. Of course, it hurts all the fans and followers’ hearts.

Today she is 17. Suri heritage every possible good thing from her parents. She looks great. Now she tries herself as an actress and had a little experience of being a model. What shall she do in the future nobody knows.

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