Kindness always makes people beautiful. The woman made beds for homeless kitties 

The woman with a brilliant idea of creating a cozy beds for homeless kittens 

The woman was heartbroken when she saw the homeless cats sleeping on the freezing pavement.

So the woman considered assisting these poor animals, who went through a hard life living on the streets, especially when it rains or storms.

All the homeless kitties wish to have a warm home, but in reality, their life is miserable.

There are many feral kitties, so ur becomes hard to locate temporary shelters for them. But after a while, she and her friends have considered a solution.

Yesim Yucel told how he makes beds for kitties, using only silicone to attach each water bottle to a sturdy board to have a shelter for kitties.

But these beds are smaller for puppies and they can just feed kitties. They consider making larger ones for puppies.

There would be an adorable thing, if more people will make such beds for their neighborhood kitties.

So happy seeing the kitties cuddled up in their warm beds instead of wandering the cold streets.

Thank you the kind woman for your brilliant idea.

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