It’s never late to adopt a puppy from the shelter and give him a chance for a new life

The old veteran and an elderly puppy became one another’s best company

A german shepherd named Sam lived all his life with his beloved owner, but one day his owner got a job in the Navy and had to take him to the shelter. And from that moment Sam’s life changed and he was very depressed. Sam was an elderly dog and no one wanted to take him. And the shelter considered euthanising him to free space for new puppies.

And a miracle happened. An old veteran named George Johnson came to the shelter and considered adopting him and giving him a happy life. He had a german shepherd, but unfortunately it passed away and he wanted a new one. And after meeting Sam George understood it was his dog. Sam is a very active and sociable puppy.

The kind man gave the puppy a chance to spend his last years happily.

Thank you for your service and for saving Sam. These two have become one another’s the best friend and best company.

We are so happy for them.

Watch their video below.

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