Heroic Rescue: Kind Humans Save Stranded Orca in Alaska, Touching Hearts Across Social Media

Well done to those who organized this hard rescue

Luckily, there are still kind and caring people in our world who save and protect helpless creatures.

This case took place in Alaska, when an orca appeared on the rocks and was unable to return back. Fortunately, some people spotted it and hurried to help. But it was not an easy task as the whale was quite big.

The poor creature was first spotted by some sailors, then other people joined in the rescue process. They called the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for help and their rescue was staffed by skilled personnel.

This wonderful video was shared on social media and excited a great number of netizens.

At first, they poured water on the whale, and then tried to calmly move it to the sea.

Six hours later, the orca was already in the water. Although it was not an easy rescue, the humans managed to complete their task perfectly and saved the sweeties life.

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