Delivery Man Saves the Day: Golden Retriever Puppy Rescued and Returned to Owners

The delivery man found the puppy and took him to his house 

A FedEx courier delivered an unusual package weighing 27kg to the Menzies family’s front door in Colorado.

The Menzies were repairing their house while they were out of the city. When the contractor went to have lunch, the front door was opened by the wind and their golden retriever took the chance to explore the world. The puppy went out of the house and headed over to the main road. Happily, the puppy was soon discovered by a delivery man, who saved him from the accident.

The puppy’s owner thinks, that the delivery man noticed the puppy in the neighborhood and took him straight to the address on his license plate.

Look at the video.

Happily, the sweet moment was captured by the family’s home camera. The video shows, that the man gets out of his car with a fluffy package and took him to their house.

The owner told, that she appreciates the man’s kind deed. She told, that the man interrupted his day, took the puppy and delivered him to their house and also closed the door behind him. If he hadn’t found the puppy, he’d probably get lost.

Lisa also showed her gratitude towards the man on the Internet and called him the hero of the household. She wanted to find out the driver of the car, but still unsuccessful.

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