Baby Otter’s Adorable Reaction to Swimming Pool Will Melt Your Heart!

That’s the sweetest response ever!

Otters are really sweet creatures and besides Australia and Antarctica you can find them everywhere. They can swim very well, so being in the water makes them happy.

They have quite thick fur which makes them unique. They are amazing creatures and there are many interesting facts about them.

Our today’s hero, a baby otter named Tororo, amazed everyone with his sweet reaction when he was taken into a pool.

This cutie lives in Japan with his family, the mother otter, his sibling and the owner.

They have a great number of followers on their Instagram account, who love them and enjoy watching their stunning photos

You can follow them and see how they spend their life.

When this adorable creature was put in the swimming pool for the first time, he showed a sweet reaction which entertained everyone.

At first, he didn’t want to enter, but when saw that his mothers was in it too, he changed his mind and entered.

He got angry for a while, maybe the sweetie didn’t want to be cleaned, however as a result he became clean.

After the bath, he had a nice nap.

How cute he is!

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