Against all odds: Alex, the 3-year-old shelter dog, finally finds his forever home

A sweet story of a puppy, who stayed at the shelter for so long 🐕🥹

The real problem is not waiting, but not knowing how long to wait. And for a puppy from Los Angeles it was a real dream to be adopted. And only after 477 days his dream became real.

He was saved by the rescuers from a very bad and dangerous shelter. He appeared to be really thin and his life was in danger. The puppy was immediately treated by the vets and they also took him to another shelter. And here his life became better.

Alex is already three years old. He is a mixture between a shepherd and a doberman. Alex is already 80 pounds and he looked strong and really big. He is smart and obedient. He often helps the caregiver to clean the shelter and shows his gratitude every time he is given presents.

Everyone, who comes to the shelter clearly knows Alex is kind and gentle towards all the visitors. He is both kind and friendly to visitors and other puppies.

There are many people, who came to the shelter, but refused to take Alex. Almost 800 puppies were adopted from the shelter in 15 months besides Alex. And this makes everyone heartbroken.

And happily, his happy life began. He was finally adopted and got used to his new owners very quickly and they felt comfortable with each other.

And his story became known all over the world and many people liked and shared it. It’s the sweetest story and if you want something, you will get the desired results.

It’s so sweet, that Alex has finally found loving owners after being so long at the shelter.

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