A touching story of a man and his adopted fox: their unbreakable bond will melt your heart

The wild fox was adopted by a man and created a strong bond

The most touching photo! The grateful fox adored his saviour.

This story is about a man, who met the poor fox, who later became his best friend.

The fox project in England discovered an awfully hurt fox, that needed assistance. He was discovered in an awful condition lying by the side of the road.

The fox project is an organisation founded in the United Kingdom. It has built a wildlife hospital, where almost 700 foxes and 250 cubs are examined every year.

The fox was named Cropper and he was in an awful state. Later he was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis and he couldn’t be returned to the wild. There was two options how to act. The first was euthanising the poor animal, while the second one was finding caring owners for him, who would like to look after the animal.

It was a hard thing to find someone, who would agree to look after the fox.

But happily a generous man agreed to adopt the poor fox. He was a retired engineer named Mike Trowler, who considered to look after Cropper and the fox became his new family member. Mike always liked foxes and after hearing Cropper’s story he eagerly considered to look after him. He likes to spend his leisure time with foxes and it’s not a new thing for Mike.

Thanks to the kind man Cropper was returned to life. The red fox ate from the puppy’s bowl and slept and happily spent his time with Mike’s kitties. Cropper adored being outdoors and going for walks with Mike. And his beloved thing was belly rubs, that he received from Mike.

But unfortunately Cropper passed away after six happy hears spent together. Although the man had lost Cropper, but he eagerly treated and adopted other foxes, that need assistance. After that Mike also took another saved fox named Jack.

Mike knows all the responsibility and risks having a fox as a pet, but he also warns people, that foxes aren’t domestic animals. Jack and Cropper stayed with Mike just because they weren’t able to be released to the wild.
And they were accepted by Mike and later became his best friends.

Mike is a real hero for all he did for the poor foxes.

Watch their heart touching story below.

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