A puppy is loved by local people and they even designed his wooden statue

A puppy, who travels a lot every day to welcome people of the town

This tale is about a special puppy named Bruno, who loved his freedom, and the people of the small town, who adored him.

He has walked for 4 miles into town every day for the past 12 years to meet local people and welcome them.

A puppy named Bruno started going to Minnesota when he was very young. A man named Larry LaVelle considered taking the puppy 12 years ago when a passerby mistook him for Larry’s dog.

But Bruno turned out to be the one, who isn’t so easily domesticated. Instead, he adored going on walks.

Bruno was different from other dogs, as he could make long journeys by himself.

There are some places he adored, such as an ice cream shop, city hall, library and a few grocery stores and office blocks.

He was the beloved puppy of the local people and they even designed his wooden statue.

It shows how much dogs love to receive love.

Bruno was an adorable puppy and many people were touched by his cuteness. He will always be remembered.

Watch the video below:

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