A perfect example of a great student. A kitty started attending school 

Cats and dogs help children a lot and must be kept in schools 

This kitty got lost in the school and it transformed all his life.

This kitty is named Tombi and he lived in Turkey, where there are many more such kittens.

People would consider Tombi to be similar to other kittens, but he clearly knows how to be different from others.

Students found the kitty in their classroom and Tombi appeared not to be frightened of people like other cats. He liked the school and considered staying there. Tombi is unexplainably happy to be with the students.

The students immediately liked the kitty, while the administration of the school didn’t think it was a good idea. They considered Tombi would spread the disease to students, so he was taken to another family.

Such an adorable ginger kitty.

Tombi got offended by people and stopped eating. He was very sad to be separated from his friends.

The students also felt sad for the kitty’s well-being and sent letters and drawings to comfort him. They wrote many letters wishing Tombi to return. And the touching story became popular on the Internet.

And after all Tombi was returned to the class! All students are happy for the school administration decision. They were able to study with Tombi, which was amazing.

What an adorable story! Enjoy and share the story with your friends and family.

I think dogs and cats help children a lot and they must be in schools.

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