A child with a unique appearance found solace in a cat with the same appearance  

They were born just for each other  🐈❤️👦

Meet Madden, a sweet boy, who differs from other children with his unique appearance: his eyes have different colors and his lips are a bit unusual. He has these differences since his birth.

Now the child feels calm and peaceful next to a creature, who changed his life completely.

One day his mom spotted a photo of a catty with the same appearance on social media, and hurried to adopt him. She was overjoyed to see that someone appeared who would help her son overcome all the difficulties.

Such things can happen rarely. Moon, the catty, has lip problems and different-colored eyes like the boy. So they understand each other’s pain and find solace next to each other.

Now these two are inseparable and spend all day together. They support each other in everything and share many unforgettable moments with each other.

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