What the man did for the defenseless kangaroos is truly priceless

Many orphaned kangaroos are now protected!

It’s pleasant to see that our world is full of kind and caring people who devote their lives to the protection of animals.

Although there are many animal shelters, most of them are built for dogs and cats. But there are many other helpless animals, who need a safe place to live. For example, there are very few shelters for kangaroos.

That’s why Chris Barns decided to found a shelter in Alice Spring, Australia, just for orphaned kangaroos, who have lost their mothers.

He is a great animal lover and also works as a zookeeper and a bird keeper.

Now it is an accommodation for 28 orphaned kangaroos, who feel safe and protected there. With this step, he gave those cuties the second chance at life.

He is a real hero and many people from all over the world appreciate his kindness.

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