Two rescued sisters know how to comfort each other in a bad situation  

It’s a sight that excited the rescuers

When the staff of Animal Charity of Ohio was informed about a helpless dog family, they hurried to the scene.

When they arrived, the condition of the poor creatures moved them. A seven years old mother dog with her five months old puppies were living in a terrible condition.

Although the dogs had owners, they didn’t care about them. They had to survive all alone.

The rescuers couldn’t leave them in such an awful condition, so after a lot of effort, they managed to take the animals with them.

Because the mother’s condition was serious, they took her to a vet at once.

The two sisters didn’t have any health problem and after a medical checkup, they were taken to the shelter.

These two adorable creatures didn’t leave each other’s side during their mother’s absence. Moreover, the staff encountered a very touching sight. The sisters hugged each other tightly as they wanted to exchange confidence.

Luckily, their mother recovered quickly and was reunited to her babies. Now they all live together in the shelter.

They are under the strong care of the staff and we are sure that they will find their forever homes very soon.

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