This scene will change all your misunderstandings about opossums. That’s interesting!

Such an amazing scene with the presence of a deer and a possum!

Many people have negative opinions about opossums and consider them useless. But, in fact, they can be very useful, because they eat ticks.

Since ancient times people have killed them when they have appeared in their houses. Although they have their own reasons to do it, they don’t need to kill them, when they are seen in their gardens.

Besides eating ticks, they cab reducing Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. So before destroying them, people must think about the consequences.

Look at this wonderful picture, where a possum is trying to eat ticks of a deer’s head.

This photo was shared on social media just with the intention of proving that they are truly useful.

In addition, they keep themselves clean, and don’t get along with mice, snakes and other pests.

And also they are so cute!

However, they are not pets and can’t be kept at home.

Don’t be so rude about these sweet creatures!

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