This is why we call dogs our best friends: they are more than just pets  

Dogs can predict many things that we don’t even expect

Dogs remain the most loyal and loving animals, and they can build a very strong companion with people, but we don’t know everything about these smart creatures.

Here are some reasons why we consider them special. They can predict the future in several cases, such as:


It comes from the ancient times that dogs are able to sense an earthquake a few minutes before it. Their behavior change at once and they start to run and do strange movements. They immediately run to a safe place where they feel better.

2.Epileptic seizures

It’s known that canines sense epileptic seizure and warn their humans about it by offering their assistance or behaving themselves strangely.


Dogs are affectionate creatures and they have stronger senses than people. Even they are able to feel pregnancy. During it they behave calmer and are more caring towards their humans.


There are many diseases, for example cancer, that dogs sense even before its discovery. They warn people about it earlier.


Dogs feel when their owners are upset about something and try to support them with everything.

6.Dogs feel that you are coming home

These loyal creatures sense that you are approaching home and prepare to welcome you with happiness. They have a strong sense of smell, thanks to which they guess that their owners are nearby.

That’s why we consider these creatures our best friends and accept them as full members of our family.

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