This animal trainer’s job was to train a polar bear for a movie, but it was no ordinary case  

Routine training turned into a strong bond

We have seen many cases that people are connected to farm animals, but this case is a bit different. Instead of a domestic animal, there is a huge polar bear.

Although polar bears weigh between 1,500 and 1,000, it never disturbed this man to have a strong bond with him and their friendship is already 18 years old.

Mark is an animal trainer and is focused on training animals for movies. Once he was offered to train a polar bear and when he found Agee, he was only a few weeks old. The baby was abandoned by his own mother and stayed in a zoo.

When Mark began to train the animal, something special arose between them. He befriended with the bear, but it wasn’t a usual friendship. They were more than friends. However, Mark completed his task perfectly and the bear was trained for the movie.

Mark adores his huge friend and is sure that Agee loves him, too. Their friendship is loyal and it will continue till the end.

Agee gets a bit angry when Mark pays attention to someone else.

This duo is really adorable!

They are safe and protected next to each other.

They enjoy each other’s company.

Watch this interesting video and express your opinion about their friendship.

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