The mother elephant tries to calmly wake up her cub to feed him: the scene is amazing!  

Mother shows love and affection to her cub 

We know that elephants are kind and caring creatures. Especially, mothers are very attentive toward their children. Here’s a great example of a mother elephant trying to wake up her baby for feeding.

The case took place in Thailand.

The sweet baby is having a nice sleep and it’s obvious that his place is quite comfortable. But it’s time to eat, so his mother is trying to wake up him.

At first, she didn’t succeed, because the cutie had a deep sleep. Finally, she managed to wake him up. When the sweet baby got up, he immediately went to his mother. There he was feeling safe and protected.

This proves that the mother-baby bond is the strongest in the world. Mothers are the main protectors for their babies and do their best to make their lives safer and happier.

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