The most touching act of kindness. A loving puppy gives a homeless his blanket

Puppies have more compassion and love towards each other than humans

 Sometimes there are situations, when puppies have a better hearts than people.

This story is about a little dog, who was once a stray and was rescued by a kind family.

The puppy is named Lana and she lives with a caring family.

The family settled a sweet house for the puppy in their yard and on the first night at that house the owner brought her a big, thick blanket.

When the owners were going to work, they considered checking their puppy and found out, that Lana had brought her blanket to the fence.

Later it became clear, that a stray dog was next to the fence and the puppy took part of the blanket to the homeless puppy, who had also cuddles up in it.

Lana clearly understood the hard life, that the homeless puppy was going through.

Since then the homeless puppy has been saved and Lana’s kindness demonstrated, that puppies can also be loving toward other puppies.

Puppies are cleverer and more affectionate than we imagine. And people just abandon them to look after themselves.

It would be a sweet thing, that this family adopted the homeless dog.

If people do the same kindness as puppies, the world would be a better place.

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