The lives of the orphaned hedgehogs were in danger, but they found their salvation in their new mother.

That’s what the poor hedgehogs needed!

When eight orphaned hedgehogs were brought to the zoo, they were in a bad condition. Here Musya, the catty, came to help.

These poor creatures became orphaned when they lost their mother after a terrible accident. But they could survive, if got care and support.

When they arrived at the zoo, the staff did its best to make their lives better and happier, but the little creatures refused to eat anything. It would harm their health, so the zoo workers needed to act fast.

One of the zoo habitants, a cute and loving cat named Musya, offered her help. She became a nursing mother for them. The staff was amazed too see the catty was nursing these little wonders and thanks to her they stayed alive.

They became strongly connected to each other and Musya started to care of the hedgehogs as her own babies.

Watch the video below:

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