The little lamb knows what to do and who to turn to when she needs petting

This sweet creature brightened everyone’s day with her act

Lambs can also demand cuddles from their owners like dogs and cats, and this video is the best proof of it.

The owner of this adorable lamb, Lee Walters, captured a funny scene of her asking some cuddles from him.

It’s something special, which you don’t see frequently.

The baby was having a nice day, running and playing around her owner, when she got tired and decided to feel relaxed. She knew whom to turn to.

Lee, her owner, was having a rest on the grass at that time when spotted the lamb coming towards him. He knew the reason of her arrival and decided to record it.

She came and immediately asked him for some cuddles. Luckily, they weren’t late.

Lee gave her what she wanted without hesitation.

The lamb’s face was expressing gratitude.

The scene will make you smile all day. So don’t miss the chance to watch it.

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