The dog proves to be a really intelligent animal. He clearly distinguishes his owner’s voice

Our hearts can always recognize kindness and love 

Humans and animals have always had amazing relationships. And our today’s story is a true example of this.

The story starts when Arafa was discovered on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. He was in a really bad condition. He had an infection, that affected on his eyes. It was possible, that he had an accident, but didn’t receive the proper treatment. He was able to find food just using his smell, before a kind man considered rescuing him.

He was named Ahmed Embaby and was a volunteer working in the shelter. He saw Arafa on the street and took him to the shelter. He was examined and treated by vets and given the needed care.

Sadly the dog appeared to have a really awful infection and his eyes would never see the light again.

The poor dog didn’t have sight, but the shelter volunteers will now be his eyes. It was a new thing in Arafa’s life to trust people and feel their love.

Arafa has now recovered and feels happy. And also he has a cute relationship with Ahmed. Although he was blind, he still could recognize his savior.

Every time Arafa listens to his savior’s voice he quickly ran into his arms to hug. Although he didn’t have eyes, but he can demonstrate his love with the help of behavior. After all the hardships now he lives in a shelter and hopes to be adopted.

Inexplicably happy! Just look at their sweet video.

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