The dog found a litter of kittens in his bed and behaved himself like a real gentleman

What a sweet reaction by the doggie!

In this adorable video a German Shepherd found some kittens in his bed and reacted to it in a cute way. When the scene was shared on social media, it went viral and collected over 8 million views.

The caring dog was not angry about it, on the contrary, he treated them so carefully in order not to hurt them. Although the kittens were in his bed, he accepted the fact calmly as if they were his own babies.

His owner claims that Rocky, the dog, is very friendly and sociable, especially he gets along with cats, so it’s quite normal for him to find kittens in his own area.

Animal lovers from all over the world were captured by the scene and they expressed their admiration for the canine’s sweet heart.

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