The dog came to her owner’s aid, putting her life in danger  

She valued her owner’s life over her own

Many times we have heard stories about dogs’ heroic actions and each time we get sure that they are real saviors.

It’s what happened with our today’s heroes, when they decided to have a nice walk along the river.

Erin Wilson lives in California with her loyal pet Eva and is lucky enough to have her in her life.

Her doggie proved her once more that she is not just a pet, she is a faithful friend and a savior.

When they were having a nice walk along the river, a mountain lion attacked the girl. She called Eva for help.

Eva came without hesitation and a real fight arouse between them. The doggie struggled bravely and although she kept herself as a real hero, she got a serious injury on her head.

Fortunately, the girl managed to free her beloved pet from the lion’s claws and he ran away. She took the doggie to a vet at once.

Eva had to stay in the clinic for a long time and get all the appropriate treatment. Her owner managed to pay for her treatment and saved her life.

Now Eva is feeling better day by day and continues to live happily with her owner.

She is a real hero and thanks to her bravery, the girl is now alive.

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