Stray kittens took a brave step and built a secure future with their own hands

The kittens’ lives turned upside down in a minute

Once a kind-hearted man found two kittens in the bushes looking at him carefully. They were all alone and helpless. It’s obvious that the cuties needed support because their mother was not found nearby.

When the man approached them, one of the kittens jumped on his feet at once as if he knew him for many years. Although the man was surprised by the feline’s courage, he rushed to help them as soon as he realised that they were stray.

At that time the kittens were a few weeks old and what happened with their mother no one knew.

The kitten held his rescuer’s leg strongly, while his sibling was sitting next to him calmly. Two brothers but with different characters!

The man immediately took the babies home. He washed and fed them. The poor creatures were so hungry that ate all the food in a few seconds. A comfortable bed and a safe life awaited them, and they seemed to have found themselves in a real heaven.

These two beauties were a bit confused, but they didn’t miss the chance to have a long sleep in their new bed. They adapted to their new environment quickly and started a new happy life with their kind and caring owner.

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