Rescuers were amazed by the abandoned dog’s attitude toward them  

This is how he greeted his rescuers!

When the rescuers found this unfortunate dog abandoned on a road, they hurried to help him.

Many people passed by his side without even paying attention to him, but he was so kind towards everyone, including the rescuers.

They approached to him carefully in order not to frighten him, but he welcomed them with happiness and even suggested his paw.

The poor animal was in a terrible condition and needed quick help. The rescuers took him to a vet and it was discovered that he had demodicosis.

After getting some medical treatment, the doggie began to feel better. Now he is completely healthy and is waiting for his future owners.

Although the sweet animal passed through many difficulties in life, he remained loving and gets along with everybody. So those who want to adopt him will be lucky enough,  because he will bring much love and happiness to their family.

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