Mother’s love is the most powerful force, that will melt even the stone

The caring mother used her paws to release her puppies

Mother’s love is the most powerful thing in the world and for all mothers their baby’s security is the most essential thing. An accident happened in India with a mother and her puppies, who appeared in danger and the rescuers immediately went to help.

When the rescuers went there they thought everything is over, as the old house was demolished because of the rain and the puppies were inside it. They found the poor mother next to the house.

But the mother didn’t move out of her place and it seemed as if her maternal instincts suggested her something.

And seeing all of this the rescuers started their work. The most amazing thing was how the poor mother helped the rescuers using her paws.

Happily the puppies were saved thanks to people, who found them and moved the mother and her puppies to a safe place.

The story demonstrates, that mother’s love is always the same both for humans and animals. We want to thank all the people, who helped releasing the puppies.

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