Kindness will make the world a better place. A policeman rescued a puppy from a bad situation 

He even took off his shoes and socks to help the puppy in need 

A woman named Peggy Edwards shared a story on her Facebook about a police officer named Joe. The story was about an incident, when a poor puppy was frightened by a car in Yorkshire and immediately ran away into a tunnel.

She wrote, that a little dog was scared by the car and ran away into a tunnel through which a local creek runs.

The woman wanted to help the poor animal, but she thought she would scare the animal making it retreat deeper into the tunnel. So she considered calling the police.

And after some time police officers arrived. One of them named Joe Brazil immediately decided to help. The woman described the situation. He immediately plunged in without thinking and went out with a very wet, frightened small puppy.

The kind officer took off his shoes and socks before going into the tunnel.

Then the officer told, that when he went into the tunnel he was able to see the little puppy named Cece clinging to the side and trembling.

And the officer tried hard not to frighten the little puppy even more. Joe went closer to the puppy, allowed her to follow his fingers a little further into the tunnel and then he lifted her up.

He then told, that it seemed as if she understood he went there to help. It looked as if she was showing gratitude.

Later it became clear, that the puppy wasn’t a homeless one, she had a sweet family. The puppy’s owner named Michelle Perez was happy, that her puppy was found. She told, that her mother-in-law gave her the puppy and the next day it escaped. At that time Cece was just five months old. She started driving around and contacting her.

Cece was rescued and reunited with her owner thanks to the kind police officer.

Everyone should do her best to help any animal in need.

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