It is not common to see a friendship between a disabled man and a cheetah  

This time it’s the turn of friendship with a cheetah

We know that dogs are loyal animals and they are considered humans’ best friends. But they are not the only ones who can build friendship with people.

Read our today’s story and you’ll get sure about it.

In 2002 when Joan Lascorz had a terrible accident, he was injured and had to pass the rest of his life on a wheelchair.

He was strongly heartbroken, but there was someone next to him who helped him overcome all the difficulties. His best friend, a loyal cheetah became his inseparable part and made his life happier.

People can’t understand how can be a friendship with such a creature, but this example proves that it is really possible.

The animal never leaves his owner’s life, because he knows that the man needs him in every situation. He is very attentive towards him and treats him so calmly in order not to harm the disabled man.

Their fantastic friendship went viral and many people enjoy watching the adorable photos of their daily lives.

It’s so sweet!

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