“He looks like her son”. Kate Beckinsale had shown her new boyfriend

What a strange trand it is to find a boyfriend much younger than yourself.

Many popular actors and actresses couldn’t find their true and real love. They played perfect lovers on screen but in real life had many problems.

This is true also for beloved, talented and glamorous actress Kate Beckinsale. Now she is 49. She is truly demanded actress in Hollywood and had played dozens of good roles but still couldn’t find a perfect father for her daughter and the only love of her life.

Her new boyfriend is much younger from her. And it seems that he doesn’t care about anything. He is just enjoying his time with famous star.

Goody Grace is younger more than 24 years from actress but it seems that this fact does not bother the happy lovers.

What do you think about this kind of relationship? Do you believe in the feelings and thoughts of this young musician ?

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