At first, the mother gorilla was looking at the human baby with admiration, then decided to introduce her own  

Such an amazing gesture from the mother gorilla!

You probably know that gorillas are considered good parents and they are devoted to their youngsters with all their hearts. Few of them can abandon their babies and it happens quite rarely.

Once a woman named Emmeline Austin visited the Franklin Zoo in Boston and was attracted by the monkey’s behavior.

The woman was with her newborn baby and she approached to the glass to watch the gorillas carefully. At that time something astonishing took place: one of the gorillas named Kiki, who was also a mother began to caress the glass as if she was touching the baby’s head.

She was looking at the baby with admiration and the scene excited the witnesses.

After a short time, her baby approached the glass and began to look at the baby with a big interest. As for her mother, she was got a proud facial expression as if she wanted to show everyone that he was her own baby.

The sight was really adorable because such things don’t happen frequently. Later it became quite famous on social media and a great number of viewers wrote many exciting comments under the post.

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