An emotional reunion of a military puppy and his previous owner at an airport

Military puppies should always be kept with their loving owners

Usually military puppies must retire and it means leaving their loving partners alone.

This story is about a German Shepherd, who worked as a special combat tracker with U.S. Marine Canine Handler Sea Sergeant Jacob Varela.

The pair served at Lackland Airforce base and completed many tasks. They did almost everything together.

But one day Sergeant Varela had to leave the Marines and also leave his beloved friend named Atilla. But they were able to be reunited after three years.

Varela managed to adopt his beloved pet and give him a forever and happy home.

Their first meeting took place at an airport and it was so touching, that everyone understood how much they missed one another. They met each other and ran towards one another’s arms with happiness.

Now the two friends will continue to live together away from war.
The former owners must adopt their sweet partners and never left them alone.

All of them are true heroes and must be handled with respect.

This meeting is completely adorable!

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