An elderly cat, who got the new family and will spend the remainder of his days in peace and love

The new page in cat’s life story 

The cat named Barni was taken to one of the American shelters when he was already an elderly cat. It was amazing, that he reached to this age, because even domestic cats often don’t reach to it. The cat appeared to be absolutely friendly.

He was very friendly with all the animals at the shelter and even tried to get to know the staff. And the staff wanted to consider how to act with the elderly cat and after all they considered to find a loving home for him.

And finally the cat was adopted by a married vet couple named Edward and Cleo Sheeran. The couple became interested by the cat’s story and considered to adopt him.

The owner took the cat with him to work and he befriended with everyone there and adored working there.

The couple wanted to give the cat a happy and loving life in order he could live the remainder of his life in peace.

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