After the accident, the woman smiled again thanks to the great efforts of her new canine friend

It’s a true support!

Niki was a businesswoman and worked all day long. Although the woman had a big dream, she couldn’t achieve it because of her daily routine. She always wanted to keep a dog, but it was impossible as she traveled throughout the world frequently and would be unable to take care of her pet.

But one day something terrible happened, after which she gave up her 30-year corporate career. She had a bike accident and after it she got many injuries and health problems. Because she was unable to work anymore and was free all day long, she decided to adopt a dog, thinking that it was the right time to achieve her goal.

For about four years, Niki suffered a lot, but she fought till the end and had a success. Her life changed at once when she brought home a cute dog.

She achieved her goal and became a dog trainer. When Bodie came into her life, she smiled again and it seemed that she began a new life.

She started a new training business which is close to her heart more than the previous one. As for Bodie, he is now a very smart and loyal pet, who plays an important role in her owner’s life.

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