After searching for their missing cat for ten years, the family discovered him in a surprising condition

10 difficult years, but a happy ending!

In 2011 a terrible thing happened with a family, who had three cats, who shared a strong and loyal friendship. They were allowed to go out by themselves and after having a nice walk, they came back together.

But one day, when they went outside again, only two of the cats returned. Nothing was known about the third one. After waiting for his return for several days, the owners reported the disappearance of the pet on social networks.

The cat was missing for ten years, and finally in 2021, a volunteer found it in the yard of a woman who had been feeding and caring for the cat, thinking he was lost. With the help of the cat’s chip, the volunteer managed to find the owners and returned the animal to them.

After the cat’s return, the owners discovered a noticeable tumour on his side, but after taking him to a vet, they were informed that it was benign. Luckily, the life of the cutie was not in danger and after so many hardships he was given the chance to have a happy life again.

No one knew what happened with the catty during those years, but one thing was clear: he could have a rest at his home next to his beloved owners, who appreciate him and his role in their lives.

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