A sweet cat, that had a lot of energy and water turned out to be his element

An interesting sight: a cat on the surfboard 

A kitty named Lilo has become popular on the Internet. A woman named Diana Meadows took the kitty into her house.

Some time was needed for Lilo to get used to her new house. The owner told, that because the kitty has always had a lot of energy they considered taking her to the beach. And there water became her element.

The owners placed the kitty on a surfboard and she immediately adored it. They told, that the kitty is very calm at home and she is really special.

The surfing kitty is always an interesting thing to watch, as there is a well-known belief, that cats are afraid of water.

The kitty has become a very popular celebrity on the Internet and she usually goes to the nursing homes as a volunteer to make elderly people happy. She is very energetic and happy.

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