A shelter dog, who has a lot of faith in people and other animals

The dog, who waited for a long time to be adopted 

You can’t probably pass by the shelter dog named Specky without any emotions. He became well known by standing and waving his paw at everyone.

And all he needs is to be loved, he wants to touch you and that you take his extended paw. He is very emotional and becomes sad, when a worker finishes cleaning or other responsibilities.

The poor dog waited for almost a year and a half until someone paid attention to him. Although many difficulties he still appears to have faith in people and other animals. All he needs is to be loved.

The shelter staff told, that he doesn’t pay attention to anything else besides receiving love from others. The animal rights group learned his story and they considered finding a loving home for him.

And they were successful. Now Specky lives with his new owners and their other dogs.

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