A mother dog chose the safest and warmest place to deliver her puppies

The puppies were born in a special place

The dog mother chose a Christmas nativity to deliver her puppies, as it was very vital for her.

And a journalist from Palenque named Eric Guzman saw a really amazing sight in his career. The mother dog was found curled up in a haystack with her 7 puppies. It was the best place for the mother, both the warmest and the safest. But she didn’t choose a usual haystack. The haystack is arranged in a tent in the middle square of Palenque. Can you imagine, it’s a place, where the great nativity scene is displayed, where motherhood is honored.

The dog mother makes the scene special with her arrival. The tent was designed with statues of Christmas figurines resting in peace. She delivered her puppies in a place where Mother Maria gave birth to Jesus Christ.

Eric immediately shared the adorable photo on the Internet. Local residents visited the mother dog and her puppies bringing them food and drinks. And the government of Palenque allowed them to stay in the tent as long as they wanted.

But they also considered finding owners for them to give them a better life.

Eric also told about the importance of homeless dogs and their adoption. No matter where they come from, they deserve to be loved and respected.

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