A little girl took up the role of a big sister to her dog

An adorable friendship story between a girl and a dog

A little girl became popular when she went to the room just before sleep to hug and cuddle her dog. Usually friendship between kids and animals is really strong. When we have a dog in out home they become our family members.

The little girl took up the role of a big sister or mother to her dog, although it already had her own litter of puppies. The little child enters the room at night, where the mother dog is sleeping with her puppies.

And the most amazing thing happened: the little girl went to the bed, stroked the dog before leaving the room. She seemed to enter the room to give her dog the goodnight hug. The adorable photos of the little girl’s sweet action immediately became popular on the Internet.

There are many comments on the photos, that showed how the child behaves when she had no idea she is being watched. The photos demonstrated, that the girl can change something and make it better in the world.

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