A family sleep: all the puppies slept calmly with their owner

The man adores puppies and they feel the same

What’s your beloved type of afternoon sleep?

For a puppy lover named Lon Watson his sleep is very special.

The man’s story became well known when Lon’s daughter named Catey Hall shared her father’s sleeping photos. The man has an unusual habit of sleeping with several puppies. The amazing thing is that even the neighbor’s puppies adore Lon and come to sleep with him. Some puppies named Rosie, Fluffer-Nutter and Hooch spend more time with Lon than at their house. There is a special room in their house for the four-legged companions.

The girl also wrote, that she saw her father sleeping with other puppies when she was little. There were many puppies, those Lon rescued, raised and found a new family. Lon is a member of an animal rescue organization. He usually finds homeless puppies, that are left alone by the roadside or in bad shelters.

Lon also takes care of them in his house and then shares their photos when he was healthy enough. What a sweet dog lover. Now Lon owns four puppies, but he has saved innumerable puppies.

And all puppies love Lon. They all impatiently wait for Lon to return from work. Lon usually sleeps in a chair with many puppies with him.

His story and photos became popular on the Internet and many people loved them.

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