A caring woman devotes her time to caring for a homeless cat and her kittens

The kittens were fortunate to be found before the winter 

A young woman named Victoria cares for homeless kittens and saves them. She adopted a homeless kitten from the side of the road and after a few days another cat came to her door and begged for food.

The cat continued to come to the girl’s door and after some time she understood the cat was pregnant as her sides had noticeably expanded.

And only after a day the cat returned, but she was very thin. And it became clear, that she gave birth. And Victoria considered finding the kittens before winter came.

She started to pursue the cat to find out the place of the kittens. She discovered the kittens in an ancient structure. And Victoria considered finding a home for the kittens after they got older.

She took a big package and went to take the kittens. The cat was happy for the woman’s deed. Before the woman will find new owners for them the kittens must stay at her house.

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