Two animals with the same fate, but the different species

Many people should take an example from kind people, who save animals in need

Have you already seen these sweet animals? This is a cat named Maria and a pig named Lara. They were both rescued by animal rights activists in Chile and met at the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary.

These newborns had poor health, but now they are inseparably together. A kind and caring man saw and rescued Maria from the street when she was a newborn.

She had just delivered a baby and it was clear, that the baby wouldn’t survive. And Lara also had the same fate. Although being born in an awful environment, she was rescued and given refuge.

When they met at the shelter they immediately befriended. As we see such a lot of animals suffer every day because of someone’s actions and we would take an example from the kind people, who perform such an amazing actions.

What an amazing story. We hope every story has a happy ending as this one does.

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